Why Picking the Perfect Cake Toppers Wedding Is Important?

Why Picking the Perfect Cake Toppers Wedding Is Important?

Planning a wedding is a big project. You must take care of everything and every detail from the reception to the ceremony. The to-do lists can be long and fulfilling it is tiring. Usually, the most important aspects include selecting a wedding venue, decorations, flowers, songs, DJ, and photographer. Others include wedding dress and bridal party attire, the food and cake, wedding invitations and favours. 

But do you ever notice what is at the end of the to-do list? In most cases, it is the cake toppers wedding, which seems unimportant. But it can add a distinct touch to every wedding.

Many couples don’t realise the importance of wedding cake toppers. Now let us explain why cake toppers are so significant. 

Symbol of love

The topper on a wedding cake has long been a traditional symbol for married couples. It is placed on top of the wedding cake so everyone can see them. So, you should get the one that symbolises your personality and love for each other. Nowadays, there is various unique cake topper available that you can buy and make your wedding cake spectacular. 

The backdrop for your photos

You will take lots of photos at your wedding. They will be a great memory several years after the ceremony. Just imagine a little bit, ten years down the lane, one day you both are enjoying those photos reviewing the perfect day of your life. Suddenly you find out the wedding topper is so tacky to be the background of your photos. Wouldn’t it be a great regret? So, choose the topper wisely and the one that makes for the perfect backdrop for the pictures. 

The customs and traditions no longer bind newlyweds; they do not have to go for an ancient small, plastic figurine to adorn the top of their cakes. Brides and grooms have more choices to get suitable toppers.

Here are a few tips for finding the perfect cake toppers wedding for your cake.

Historic approach

It is a fantastic option if you have a perfect story or location surrounding how you and your partner met. The wedding cake topper must reflect the location or story of your meeting.

For instance, if you met at the beach, your cake topper could include the sea and seashells. Combine this with two figurines kissing, and you have just told the story of how you first met.


Another cake topper you can go with is a family heirloom, or choose one with a special meaning. Most heirlooms are ornate and look spectacular as wedding cake toppers. However, you must consider whether it can sit on the wedding cake directly or needs to be raised with the skewers.

No matter what kind of wedding cake topper you ultimately decide on, keep in mind that you must match it to the whole wedding and cake. Also, ensure it perfectly fits the cake as you don’t want to encounter the embarrassing thing that the topper doesn’t fit your cake well.

Cake toppers add the perfect finishing touch to your big day. So, if you are planning a wedding and looking for a cake topper, Order now and get your personalised cake topper. 

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