What Are the Different Types of Cake Toppers  for Weddings?

What Are the Different Types of Cake Toppers for Weddings?

Cake toppers are one of the most interesting parts of the wedding cake. The best part is it comes in different sizes and shapes. So, an individual can decorate their dreamy wedding cake with a customized cake topper. 

With the help of cake toppers for weddings, individuals can display a message by customizing it innovatively. From comic figurines to meaningful quotes, wedding cake toppers can liven up your cake. Here, we will discuss some cake toppers you can use to decorate your wedding cake. 

Unique Love Birds Wedding Cake Toppers

What can be better than the love birds as your wedding cake topper? You can be more creative with this unique cake topper, as it simply represents the love of the newlyweds. You can put your and your partner's initials and join them with a dainty wire heart to give it a personal touch. Additionally, you can add embroidered ribbons to make your wedding cake look more delicious and appealing. So, it will be a perfect pick for lovey-dovey couples who want to make their wedding day more special. 

Illustrated Figurine Wedding Cake Toppers

This type of cake topper is really funny to go with. If you and your partner are already best buddies, this wedding cake topper will be the best option. You can make figurines of you and your partner in cartoon form. However, you can add a picture of your furry babies if you have one to make them look prettier. The best part is that you can make edibles figurine toppers if you want. 

Rustic Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Cake Toppers

With natural elements, warm details, and a carefree vibe, the rustic Mr. & Mrs. Celebrations will never go out of date. You must not miss this wedding cake topper to add a special layer to your wedding day. So, whether you are on a township farm or enjoying snowfall in the mountains, these toppers will offer an organic feel. This Mr. & Mrs. Cake topper will creatively assist you to share your new last name with your friends and family. 

Just Married Wedding Cake Toppers

The 'just married' cake toppers are the most common ones on the list. But the demand for this specific topper is still here. It is simple but can be decorative as you can customize them as per your preferences. It comes in different sizes, colors, and styles, so you can pick whatever suits you and your partner best. It would be best to go for the eye-catching and shiny 'just married' toppers to make it look more beautiful. 

Unique Adventure Lovers Wedding Cake Toppers

If you and your partner are adventure lovers, looking for an idiomatic cake topper, your search will end here! You can go for the unique adventure lovers' wedding cake topper to express your and your partner's love for adventure. You can easily customize the cake topper as per your preferences. Also, you can add the wedding date or the names' initials to make it more personalized.


Though now the cake toppers for weddings have become optional, few couples take an extra step to make their wedding cake special like their love stories. However, when selecting your wedding cake topper, please try to remember a few things!

You must not invest in a bigger size cake topper for a small-size cake as it will overwhelm the wedding cake. Also, do not go so small that the topper will get lost in frosting. Make sure to pick the perfect one that will complement and elevate the design of your wedding cake. 

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