Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Top 10 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Becoming a mother is undoubtedly one of the most significant milestones in a woman’s life. Motherhood can never be articulated in words because the joy of giving life is greater than any other joy in the world. The very onset of pregnancy brings with it an influx of changes that practically change you forever and enable you to embark upon a beautiful role of a nurturer. 

Baby showers are delightful celebrations for the mother-to-be where friends and family get together to shower her with beautiful gifts and love. The whole purpose of the celebration is to pamper the mother-to-be so that she can cherish the beauty of the journey she is all set to begin. Well-wishers and loved ones pray for a safe birthing process for the mother and health and happiness for the baby. 

The ceremony is usually commemorated by giving thoughtful gifts to the parents to be as a token of love and blessings. 

If you are planning your own or your loved one’s baby shower, then you can refer to the following list for baby shower gift ideas. 

10 Baby Shower Gift Ideas 

While going to a baby shower, make sure that you choose a unique baby shower gift. If you are giving something to the baby or its nursery, then it would be a good decision to check with the parents if they have a gift list. The idea is to avoid doubling gifts and effectively using resources and time.

  • Personalized Party Favours 

You can add a personal touch to any gift by getting it customised. If you are off to your loved one’s baby shower this weekend, then taking personalised party favours for them would be a good idea. All times gifts have a collection of unique baby shower gifts for you to choose from, including customised cake toppers, Garland arrangements, wall art, and much more. 

  • Wall Hangings for the Nursery

Putting together a nursery for your newborn is one of the most beautiful experiences of one’s life. While going to a baby shower, getting a floral or colourful wall hanging for the child’s nursery would make for a fantastic gift. 

  • Cute Headband

If the parents have already done the gender reveal, then it would be thoughtful to take floral headbands and hair accessories for a baby girl. All times gifts have a beautiful collection of headbands for you to choose from. 

  • Wall Art 

Beautiful wall art can be a thoughtful gift for a baby shower. You can even customise the wall art with the parent’s name or some lovely message for the couple. You can even opt for a floral wall art if you deem fit. 

  • Crown Tiara for the mom-to-be 

Baby showers are meant for pampering the mother-to-be so that she feels like a princess. As we all know that nothing personifies a princess feels more than a tiara. All times gifts have a dazzling collection of tiaras, including the pearl and berry floral head crown. You can choose the perfect tiara from their beautiful collection. 

  • Matching Customized Plaques 

You can also opt for wooden plaques with a customised message as a gift for the parents-to-be. The plaque can be used as a part of the party decoration or a wall hanging.

  • Personalised Baby Blanket 

A personalised baby blanket is one of the sweetest gifts for a baby shower. You can get a baby blanket customised by All times gifts to give the perfect baby shower gift to your loved ones.

  • Personalised Photo Frames 

Parents love taking pictures of their newborns. A photo frame can be a pretty functional gift for a baby shower. You can get them customised from All Times Gifts to add that personalised touch to the photo frame.

  • Specially designed Set of Burp Clothes 

Burp clothes are amongst the most important baby essentials as new parents would want to keep these handy all the time. You can get a few sets specially designed to be given as gifts. 

  •  A Diaper Cake

A diaper cake is quite a in vogue when it comes to Baby shower gifts. Diaper cakes can be made by folding or rolling the diapers and stacking them on top of each other. These can be decorated with personalised cake toppers, ribbons, etc.


Gifting is one of the best expressions of love, friendship, and care. Whenever we receive a gift, there is always a lot of joy. The art of fitting is all about making the other person feel loved and special. It is one of those gestures that keep a relationship going. 

All times Gifts provides unique and thoughtful fitting options to people for almost every occasion. Besides having a vast collection of gift items, they also offer personalisation services where the client can pick and choose the gift and design of his choice. It is literally a one-stop shop for all your gifting needs.

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