Everything You Need to Know about Different Types of Custom Keychains

Everything You Need to Know about Different Types of Custom Keychains

Perhaps one of the most ignored yet essential everyday items is a keychain. Apart from helping you keep a track of your valuable items, they also let people take a peek at your unique personality. This metal or plastic ornament attaches to your keys and keeps them from getting lost. Apart from holding vital keys, they also keep other valuable items such as USBs and power banks safe. 

You must have lost keys at a crucial moment at least once in your lifetime. If you tag them along in a keychain for men, however, the chances of losing them decrease significantly. And luckily, there are several customized options available in a keychain. You can have them tailor-made with images or messages printed on them, and they also make for a perfect gift for your loved ones. In this blog, we will know all about various types of custom keychains for men.

These are the five most common and popular customized keychains that can make great keychains for men.

Customised keychains with pictures

One great way to show off your personality while expressing your feelings is through image custom keychains. If you have a picture very close to your heart and is meaningful, you can keep it closer to you by getting it printed on a keyring. 

Engraved keychains

Metal engraved keychains are hands down the most easily customizable yet the most elegant ones of the lot. Metal keychains are preferred by many as they look beautiful with all the house and car keys. Their jingling and weight make them a perfect addition to your keys and keep them from getting lost. 

Charm keychains

Charm keychains have been gaining popularity over the past couple of years, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Metal charms can be customized with your name or message, and glass charms can be personalized with a memorable phrase or image. There are many choices available, and you can choose from metal charms or glass charms. Additionally, many people collect unique metal keychains as souvenirs from their travels.

PVC keychains

PVC has earned the title of the most durable keychain as they're flexible, lightweight and vibrant. The colour options are also in abundance. Although they do not jingle or add weight to your keys like metal keychains they do add a pop of colour to them making them easy to spot. 

Embroidered keychains

These keychains for men provide a retro and eclectic vibe. They are also very flexible and super lightweight and are not just functional but also a super chic addition to your keys. They also provide a splash of colour to your keys, making it easy to spot and find them in your bag.

Which type should you choose

Choosing which type of customizable keychain is the best for you depends completely upon the personal preferences of the buyer. Any of these five keychains can be a great addition to your day-to-day items. They also make for a great gift on special occasions. Especially the ones engraved with sweet messages that can send your loved ones over the moon. Check out our customizable collection to find the perfect one for yourself.

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